Pride Policy » Dress Code

Dress Code


  • No holes in jeans above the knee.  If holes are above the knee the something must be worn underneath to hide bare skin.
  • All backpacks should be left in the front office.
  • All shorts must be to the knee. (male and female)
  • Skirts cannot revealing or too short. (to the knees)
  • No body piercings, i.e., nose, tongue, eyebrow
  • No earrings for male students.
  • Hair styles must not be distracting to the student or to other students.  Extreme hairstyles will not be acceptable. For example, a pink mohawk will not be an acceptable hair style.
  • No sleeveless garments (male or female).
  • No bare midriff garments.  No see-through or any clothing revealing     undergarments.
  • Stretch pants, tights, or leggings must have a long shirt that goes to the knees.
  • Course instructions must be followed to receive credit.
  • If a student is arrested for a felony, the student will be withdrawn from school.
  • Any student late for school will have to stay after the session is over and make up their time
  • Cell phones or other electronic devices brought from home may be prohibited if deemed to adversely affect student achievement or behavior.  In such cases, the student will be required to leave all electronic devices in office while attending school.