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Attention Parents: 

You may now make online payments to your child's lunch account using your credit/debit card or e-check through Skyward Family Access. Contact your child's campus secretary to ask how to get set up on Skyward Family Access.

Great job opportunity! Huntington ISD Child Nutrition Department is hiring! Weekends off, evenings off! A week off for Thanksgiving and two weeks off at Christmas!  One week off during winter and spring break and summers off! Perfect job for parents!  If interested please call, 936-876-4287 ext. 2110.
Huntington ISD in Huntington, Texas is looking for a consultant for the 2023-2024 School Year to provide the following services:

1.    Monthly lunch and breakfast menus for each campus 
2.    Monthly Production Records for each campus
3.    Recipes for each campus
4.    Development of an Ala Carte list and pricing for each campus
5.    Outline food costs, labor costs and other costs
6.    Monitor the financial status of the cafeteria monthly and make recommendations on how to improve problem areas.
7.    Provide Meals per Man Hour Numbers to monitor the efficiency of the work hours.
8.    Evaluate Ala carte sales at each campus. 
9.    Provide program guidance and training.
10.    24/7 support and program updates
11.    Guidance and support during any Administrative Review

To provide consistency within the Student Nutrition Department, Consulting services are for the entire school year and can be renegotiated in June 2024.  
Services can be discontinued at any time either party feels they are no longer in the best interest of the district.  

Please contact Samantha McElroy, Child Nutrition Director, at 936-876-4287 ext 2110 for more information.


Interested parties may send their proposal to:


Huntington ISD

P.O. Box 328

Huntington, TX 75949