MONDAY-school decision

Red Team:
MONDAY-school decision
What a week it has been!!  Critical decisions still need to be made as we look at the start of next week.
HISD continues to experience infrastructure issues because of power outages and its related impacts.  Remote instruction is not feasible at this time.
Oncor still has a large number of outages in HISD.  Also, the  City and Four Way Water are still experiencing numerous water leaks throughout the district, thus creating no water and/or low water pressure situations.
A large number of our families are in crisis mode.
TEA has added flexibility for the coming week.  
For Monday (February 22nd), HISD will cancel classes and add this day to our TEA "Missed School Day" waiver.
It is my prayer we will return to campuses on Tuesday.  I hope and pray you are all safe and warm.
See you in person soon.
Mr. Flowers