HISD-Update Weather and School Closed 2-16-21/2-19-21 Opening Monday 2-22-21

Red Team:

As we continue down the path of "unknowns" for HISD this week, we know this:

**HISD has an extremely large percentage of homes without power or water
**Roads are severely impacted and safe travel is impossible
**Access to internet is not a possibility
**The record low temperatures will continue with another winter storm projected tonight through tomorrow
**ERCOT has continued to direct ONCOR and utilities across the state to drop power load through maintained controlled outages.  Poor grid conditions persist which will result in extended periods without power continuing.

While I cannot ease the anxiety and stress associated with the factors listed above (and I am experiencing it with you), as the Superintendent of Schools, I can do my part to prevent adding to it by making school decisions to help.

While we had a plan for Tuesday and Wednesday, the "remote" plan for Thursday and Friday has changed.  

HISD will take advantage of a new TEA waiver that allows Texas schools to cancel classes for up to three days without penalty.  HISD appreciates the help TEA has provided with this waiver.  Our new plan:

Tuesday-Thursday:  We will apply for the TEA waiver.
Friday:  We will use a "banked" day.

This plan gets us through the week.  Everyone can focus on family needs during this time.  We pray we can return to school on Monday.

I will keep you updated if there are any additional changes.  Thank you.

Mr. Flowers