Weather Update and HISD Plan

Once again, we have another "obstacle" that has found its way into the 2020-2021 school year.  As we plan for the week with the current weather situation, projected mid-week weather forecast, and the current electrical "grid" problems in East Texas and throughout the State, decisions need to be made to allow for planning for our HISD families.

To allow for planning, HISD will follow the plan below:

Tuesday, February 16th-School is canceled (HISD will use our "banked" minutes to keep us from having to make the day up)
Wednesday, February 17th-School is canceled (HISD will make this day up on Friday, March 26th.  March 26th was a student/staff holiday)
Thursday, February 18th and Friday, February 19th-Remote learning (HISD will transition to "remote" learning for two days)
Monday, February 22nd-School will resume as normal

We still await guidance from the Texas Education Agency.  I will monitor any correspondence from TEA and adjust any of the plans above.  

We are still waiting on UIL decisions regarding the Girls and Boys basketball playoffs.  All extra-curricular events/practices/games will be day-to-day and only be allowed if travel is safe for students, staff, and parents.

Thank you in advance for your help and support.  Stay safe and warm.  It's a great time to be a Red Devil.

Mr. Flowers